Jan. 9th, 2010

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Jan. 9th, 2010 07:00 pm
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someone mentioned to me that I've been neglecting this journal, and that they had lost track of what I was up to because of it.

well, that's partially because livejournal has become a cesspool under the ownership of SUP, and I loathe it.
Well, actually, just install adblock and it's basically fine.
and, bizarrely, there's still no equivalent to friends-lock on the rest of the internet. I guess facebook has it, but, man is facebook ever full of people using their birth names and sending eachother virtual cows. I want this on the record for when I run for president of Antarctica: I stand against virtual cows, even in 2010.
(although it's nice that my dad is using it to write down all those stories about college misadventures that I never quite memorized well enough to retell)
[but, jeeze, don't install add-art. I have it, and now there's pictures of nixon's head pasted onto bodybuilders everywhere I go. that's an improvement over the previous show, but. ]

But friends-lock! How else are you supposed to hear me complain about work? Well, it's too late anyway because I left that job.
Now I work at the company that is as of yet still named "Reductive Labs" where they pay me in actual money to work on actual open source software that is actually written in ruby that actually gets released to the public where people actually use it. amazing. and, if you'd let me, I'd gush about my brilliant co-workers, but I can see that you have already lost patience with this topic so I'm moving on.

I spent much of the last 6 months doing less and less of everything, until one day during a fit of frustration over the increasingly loud ringing in my ears, I found a combination of wikipedia links that suggested that I should eat iron. I wield these to keep the phantom telephones at bay (I recognize that this might be pure morning) and now I can mostly get out of bed, unless it is Saturday, which it is.

I want to be able to write about programming, so I made another new programming blog, http://jes5199.tumblr.com/ . I'm not terribly happy with that profile photo, by the way, why aren't you camera people helping my vanity?

I'm going to drive to Walla Walla Wa. I might buy a vehicule. I'm going to fly to San Francisco for a week, for work (do you live in San Francisco? Let's hang out; week of Feb 7). I'm going to get a passport and visit the Yukon. I'm going to see more of my friends. I'm going to go back to the art studio. I'm going to try to write a thing for that zine that keeps asking me to, but that's not exactly flowing as of yet. I'm learning to play the guitar, a little, it's my sister's guitar but she lives in japan. I'm going to go back to Burning Man and this time actually produce a story worth telling you. I am going to read more than two books this year. I am going to design a video game. I might not write in livejournal. I am going to the grocery store, right now.

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