May. 9th, 2009 04:15 pm
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cheapest way to sleep near san francisco? on the 22nd and 23rd


Mar. 13th, 2009 11:04 am
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me: are we gonna hear some new songs tonight?
Stephan: well, you're gonna hear some new equipment... there's a new guitar, I've got a new amp, and AnneMarie's bow has hairs on it now...

Stephan: I've been bitching all week that my friends are too old and boring to come to a rock show, but now that I'm here I've realized-- rock shows suck. Who wants to sit around in some bar at midnight on a thursday night listening to these worthless bands? Good shows are far too scarce for how many people want to be in a band.
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I didn't know the sky could be blue in the winter! It's so bright-- the whole city's albedo's been cranked way up.

It was so nice out, that riding the bus to work sounded almost fun. I find that I'm the only person who thought so-- no co-workers, no emails from co-workers.
But it's warm and quiet (except for the ghastly howling wind) here, so I'm not entirely sure I want to leave

I haven't felt this good in months.
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Letting You
March of the Pigs
Head Down
The Wretched
Gave Up
The Warning
The Greater Good
Terrible Lie
The Big Come Down
Hand That Feeds
Head like a Hole
The Good Soldier
God Given
In This Twilight

(apparently I skipped some of the instrumentals, but close enough)
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Winter in Oregon means that the sun sets at 4:30. My office is covered in windows, the biggest wall faces east, the haze lifted, and pink light reflected off of Mt Hood. The three of us who bothered to show up today all stood to stare at it, and then decided to go home.
I walked across the Burnside bridge and the cold wind and roaring traffic, both which seemed surprisingly pleasant and comforting.
I find that I haven't been updating my mental map as buildings get demolished and replaced. The hung far low sign is gone! How long has that been true? But the 24-hour-church-of-elvis is back, at least in some sense.
I'm at my theoretically favorite coffee shop, the one that sprung up just as my previous favorite (from when Wifi was still new and exciting) one was disappearing five and a half years ago. Candy Tan is here, but I haven't said hello yet. There's a couple with a baby and a suitcase who've set up an impressive camp in the corner-- their faces seem vaguely familiar. The staff has almost completely changed in the last year, and I haven't learned any of the new names. My coffee crush barista is gone. There's no art on the walls -- it used to be that the first wednesday of the month was a frantic putting-up-paintings-for-tomorrow day, and I could plan to come and experience it, without actually having to try to deal with the "art opening" the next day. Actually, there's still one photograph up, a picture of the President-Elect left over from October's show, taken by a guy I know from life drawing, who I'm not entirely certain that I get along with.
Someone just put on Shicky Gnarowitz and the Transparent Wings of Joy (I think. I'm pretty sure.) Candy waves at me.
In a few hours I'll wander up to the Polish Hall for contra, which I've decided is not actually a dance form but a sort of giant collaborative knitting without string.
Winter about the 45th parallel is still hard for me, with the 15 hours of darkness, and the daily just slightly too-cold-to-be-pleasant rain. My what-did-i-do-today chart has a growing number of entries that say "nothing" or "hot tub".

Last week, I saw a thing that might have wandered directly into portland out of my personal utopia. Jenn's little theatre troupe -- the all star mystery something -- performed a surreal little play on streetcorners, wandering across portland in masques and costumes, preaching about Nothing. ( "the best thing about Nothing is that when you have Nothing, NoOne talks to you! NoOne is our guru! We would follow NoOne unto the ends of the earth! Let us listen now while NoOne reveals the mysteries of the universe..." )

and I think about my job, where I make little tools to make the lives easier for people who are doing charity work and I wonder if there's a parallel thing that can be done to lubricate the strange and wonderful
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the house I live in now has a working shower. previously, it had a sort of elevated faucet.
courtesy of the city of portland portland water bureau for mailing an apparatus to me for free
and of the cousin for remembering the existence that program
and of Jenn for consulting the problem space of actually getting it connected and also removing the packing tape from the spigot
and of the pipe whisperer at ace hardware to who you can simply say "I have a problem" and he hands you a ringlet of brass that just works
and of Shanthi who can look at a pipe and notice that it's still geysering such that proper whatsits can be tightened

we all gathered around to watch the water come on, just like the lights in that book that Xen reads at lightbar.
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good luck to all you punters who live in states without early voting nor vote-by-mail.
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I made another thing!
What time will we have a president?
Using these clocks and this map,
I made a this: http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=p0XSQohn1qsR5AvaKbUjPbg
The times are all PST.

in summary: as soon as 6pm, or as late as 8pm. or in a month.
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Hey, everybody, where are we watching the election returns?
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for those schwerniverse voters who laughed aloud at the prospect of exhibition of my cooking skillz being part of the application process at the anarcho-awesome house:
more than twenty freegans - including the entire Black Rose Collective swarmed upon us, and all were devoured. Instantly.
This house is one of those places that embraces its decrepitude -- there's graffiti everywhere, basically no furniture, six bicycles in the living room, the kitchen sink drains into a bucket, they've got a zine rack instead of a bookshelf. The bedroom is only "furnished" in that someone has nailed a bunch of milk crates to the walls at random intervals to simulate shelving.
Which is to say, it's charming.
Bizarrely, they had invited several craigslisters to dinner, we eyed each other awkwardly throughout the evening. Should we fight to the death? Does the awkward guy actually want to put up with this place? And which one of us is the awkward guy, anyway?
Portland law states that it's impossible to walk into a room without finding an unexpected social connection. I tried the obvious ones first: do you know any of the Free Geek crowd? have you met Rev Phil? we know of phil...
Eventually though, my sluggish memory latched onto one of the housemates. Oh! You were at Sophia and Sergio's housewarming party! Last December! No, we didn't get introduced, I just remember faces.
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it's getting a little late, but
I put together a spreadsheet of who has endorsed which
Oregon Ballot Measures

I'm having a hard time finding endorsements from any political party other than Democratic.
Can anyone help me find a press release or something from the Republicans?
Oregon's third parties have been equally tight-lipped on the ballot measures this time (some of them still have their web sites talking about the last election's measures!)

snake oil

Oct. 17th, 2008 04:05 pm
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Acetaminophen, Dextromethorphan, Phenylephrine, Diphenhydramine, Pelargonium sidoides 1X, Zinc gluconate, Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), raw garlic, ginger, complicated herbal mixtures, fruit juice, water, sleep

am I missing anything?


Oct. 14th, 2008 12:19 pm
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dearest salutians and motherfuckers, foreigners and e2kin, insulated mittens and faux goths and whatever Rowan is, the entire cast and crew of the Ed&Steve Show™

thanks for doing that think you do

any given night of last weekend would have been the best event of the last year
and all together it was
WAY TOO MUCH. what the hell were we thinking.

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hey so I'm moving
uh, but I don't know where to yet
basically I want to live inside this square:
the only habitable zone left in the united states
I want as small of a space a possible,
no barking or screaming,
and I want to pay either exactly $350 or exactly $850 per month,
no expectation of making eye contact with anyone I don't already know,
and I want to move during October

make it so?
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take a picture of yourself right now.
don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair... just take a picture.
post that picture with NO editing.
post these instructions with your picture.
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Today I installed loopt on my cell phone.

Something went wrong, and now I have replacement phone.

So I don't have your phone number

send me a text message? 971-219-9558
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(discussing the upcoming presidential debates)
Jeff: I believe—
Beth: No.
Jeff: Oh, you're right.

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