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(12:13:53) jes: are you there?
(12:14:04) DomeCentral: Verify your net-circuit mail identity
(12:14:16) jes:
(12:14:31) DomeCentral:

You are requesting access to the City of Domes?

(12:14:35) jes: yes
(12:14:41) DomeCentral: Understand access is given only to

true, honest and knowledgeable citizens

who believe in the City of Domes.

(12:14:54) jes: i understand. i believe.
(12:14:57) DomeCentral: What is the purpose of Carousel?
(12:15:02) jes: renewal
(12:15:03) DomeCentral: What City of Dome group terminates Runners?
(12:15:30) jes: sandman
(12:15:31) DomeCentral: You will be issued a COD identity and password, which is not to be shared with others.

All COD access is monitored and recorded. Multiple or duplicate access will result in COD account termination.

Do you understand this?

(12:15:38) jes: yes
(12:15:39) DomeCentral:

What is your current name?
(12:15:53) jes: Alec Hidell
(12:16:46) DomeCentral:

Your account will be activated after processing is complete.

Your identity and password are as follows:

(12:16:51) DomeCentral: alec4** [password*]

(12:16:55) DomeCentral:

Welcome to the City of Domes.

Be sure to check out Sandman Headquarters.

* the password is so silly and so directly related to my first name, that i laughed out loud.
** told Anona that I got accepted, she immediately said "So you're Alec number four?" I boggled. Lucky guess!

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