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I'm having trouble finding the right things to say about Vanessa's novel. ("Zazen")
It's not really in print, yet, but you can read the first chapter online, now, and they're posting the second one tomorrow, and gradually the whole thing. Serialized.

I've been looking for a way to describe the story that doesn't lead you in the wrong direction about what to expect. I'm going to keep working on that. In the mean time, maybe you should just start.

1—Burning Ants
        I went to work and a guy I wait on said he was leaving. He said
everyone he knew was pulling out.
        “Canada is just not far enough. Mostly Mexico. A bunch to Thailand.
Some to Bali.”
        He always orders a Tofu Scramble and makes me write a fucking essay
to the cook. No soy sauce in the oil mix, no garlic, extra tomato, no green
pepper. Add feta. Potatoes crispy and when are we going to get Spelt. He
holds me personally responsible for his continued patronage. I hope he dies.
I’d like to read about it.
        My brother Credence says people who leave are deluding themselves
about what’s out there. I just think they’re cowards. Mr. Tofu Scramble says I
should go anyway, that it’s too late. I want to but I can’t. Maybe when the
bombs stop, or at least let up. Nobody thinks it’ll stay like this.

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