Nov. 1st, 2007 11:06 pm
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I have been taking many, many photographs, in dark rooms. I have been recording snippets of sounds. I have some low quality videos. I let the roommates take pictures of me--in an outfit that I taped together. There is reflective mylar sheeting strewn about my bedroom, in addition to the segments of the also-mylar stuff that Jenn gave me. We're in a road movie to berlin. I have not been sleeping enough. I have little stories from more parties and shows than I can properly remember. I even have a little piano that doesn't make noise.

I don't have anything to show you, from any of this, though. At least, not yet. There are devices to usb and hours of typing to do.

but mostly, I need to get some sleep.

wine and 1886 sex book. stationary death parade and the gray album. unexpected qous. zombie megan and precise language and dennis's bands. people who look like other people. beaterville. code. a kid who likes noise. crossing paths (lightbulb metaphor). work complaints. holing up in my room. party full of strangers. calorie depression and japanese food. bike light police. democracy. rockless cello. breakfast quad. a sleepover. a nonprofit and java. rice game. apocalypse planning. mushroom dancers. recombinant dinner party. under the piano. too tired to go out. soup & story. the new place. singing hymns. singing scales in the rain. a sleepover. a movie. meeting some geeks. nightmares. staying home, staying home. freegeek poking about. a big sleepover. apple delivery. a panic attack. best drawing. couch party. gamers at my house. birth control. recovering. the Phair. overthinking. overdrinking. contra. washington. music theory. arabic. reunion. houston airport. home. new york. tiny hostel. overwhelmed. an old friend. good drinkings. lonely hotel. hopeless meetings. redeye. drawing tr__s. dead people. outside of okkervil. being nude. missing people who are away. the sandy river. an amazing summer.

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