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Ah, well, I got paid, so I'm working again

Oops! My parents are in town (starting Saturday),

So i'm on vacation

Anyone who wants to meet my parents or has suggestions as what to feed and do with them, let me know

  • They were born in the late 1940s

  • My sister always wore my mom's wedding dress to "Hippie Day" at school

  • They are devout Southern Baptists and are at church 3 or more days a week (deacon/deacon's_wife, sunday_school teachers, choir members, etc)

  • My mother claims to be the most liberal person in her town

  • My mother is a social worker

  • My mother gets children taken away from their parents

  • My father worked at the War Gaming Center for 30 years

  • My father is retired

  • My father works at Radio Shack in the mall

  • My father copied all of his Simon and Garfunkel records onto cassette tape in the 1980s, and threw the vinyl away.

  • My father believes in "electronic mail" and has been trying to convert people to it for 20 years

  • My father still writes computer programs in Pascal

  • My father is starting chemotherapy when they go back home

  • I always call my parents "My father" and "My mother"; my sister and I tend to say "Our parents" whenever they come up in conversation. They always sign their emails and greeting_cards as "Daddy" and "Mommy"; I awkwardly avoid calling them any name at all when I'm speaking to them.

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