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  • There is no such thing as an automobile.
  • Agriculture is an impossibility.
  • Literacy never caught on, so there aren't any libraries.
  • Language is entirely an illusion, because human beings are not capable of cooperation or altruism.
  • There are no arts or crafts.
  • Design does not happen, we've been using the same tools for ten thousand years, with no variations worth mentioning.
  • The Baptists are winning.
  • College degrees do not have any correspondence to anything in the real world, no one is using their degree because there's no such thing.
  • No one does anything for a living. It's not possible to make enough money to buy a house.
  • The economy has collapsed. It's the second great depression.
  • There aren't any other countries.
  • Computers are a complete waste of energy, nothing is improved by their existence.
  • Coffee might help me feel better.
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